About Kare’s

Kare’s Floral And Crafts

Any listed prices on our blog is subject to change without notice!

2 thoughts on “About Kare’s

  1. Welcome! It has been a monumental task of putting my blog together. I hope you will enjoy my pages, projects and musings.

    If perchance you find a broken link anywhere within the pages, please let me know!

    As anyone who blogs knows those things happen! But we try to keep up with them and without you, we might not know thereis an issue!

    Thanks again and enjoy!


  2. On the right side of this page, please scroll down and look for the heading “Kare’s Floral & Craft Blogs!”

    Below the heading are tabs. Click each blog as you visit them and subscribe to the currently four of them. Once you hit all four, you will get all of them!

    Right now, it is FREE TO FOLLOW ME!

    Thanks in advance for coming along!


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